Arnica Recovery


A blend of Arnica Montana and other skincare essentials to help to reduce the look of swelling, redness, and inflammation.

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More Information
Delivers a soothing feel to the skin and minimizes the look of swelling with 10% Arnica Montana.

1% hydrocortisone for a soothing feel.
Skin hydrating hyaluronic acid to minimize trans-epidermal water loss.
A blend of rose hip seed oil, glycerin, and shea butter for optimal hydration to the skin’s natural barrier.NOTE: Continued use of hydrocortisone over seven consecutive days on the same area can cause thinning of the skin.
Directions For Use
Apply to clean, dry skin as needed or as directed by skincare provider.

Key Ingredients
Arnica Montana minimizes the appearance of swelling associated with bruising and provides a soothing sensation.
Hydrocortisone reduces the look of redness and inflammation from itchy or irritated skin.
Sodium Hyaluronate binds more than 1,000 times its weight in water to deliver hydration.
Shea butter replenishes moisture.
Rose Hip Seed Oil helps hydrate.
Rosa Moschata Seed Oil improves the appearance of skin tone.