Lotz House Museum

Lotz House Museum: A Civil War Time Capsule in the Heart of Franklin


Nestled in the historic town of Franklin, Tennessee, the Lotz House Museum stands as a poignant reminder of the Civil War era, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives of those who experienced the conflict firsthand. Located at 1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States, the Lotz House is a meticulously preserved antebellum home that witnessed one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War—the Battle of Franklin. In this comprehensive guide, we invite you to explore the Lotz House Museum, providing insights into its location, accessibility, nearby attractions, operational hours, and the rich history that unfolds within its walls.

Location and Accessibility

Full Address:
Lotz House Museum, 1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, United States

Major Cross Streets:

Columbia Avenue and East Fowlkes Street: The Lotz House is situated near the intersection of Columbia Avenue and East Fowlkes Street, making it easily accessible for visitors exploring the historic district of Franklin.
Freeways or Highways:

I-65: The museum is conveniently located near I-65, and visitors can take exits leading to Franklin and then follow local roads to reach the Lotz House. Its proximity to the interstate makes it accessible for both local and out-of-town visitors.
Proximity to Nearby Attractions

Within a three-mile radius, the Lotz House Museum is surrounded by a mix of historical sites, parks, and cultural landmarks. Some notable points of interest in the vicinity include:

Carter House: Located approximately half a mile south, the Carter House is another historic site associated with the Battle of Franklin. Visitors can explore the grounds and learn about the impact of the Civil War on this region.

Downtown Franklin: Less than a mile north, Downtown Franklin is a charming historic district known for its preserved architecture, boutique shops, and a variety of dining options. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets and explore the local atmosphere.

Carnton: Approximately 1.5 miles south, Carnton is a historic plantation house and cemetery that played a significant role in the Battle of Franklin. The property offers guided tours and insights into the wartime experiences of its inhabitants.

Franklin Theatre: Around a mile north, the Franklin Theatre is a beloved venue that hosts a variety of performances, including live music, films, and community events. Check the schedule for any entertainment options during your visit.

Harlinsdale Farm: Roughly 2.5 miles west, Harlinsdale Farm is a public park with open green spaces and walking trails. It offers a peaceful environment for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Opening and Closing Hours

The Lotz House Museum operates on a schedule designed to accommodate visitors and provide them with an opportunity to delve into the history it preserves. Key considerations regarding operational hours include:

Regular Hours: The museum generally operates during regular business hours, allowing visitors to explore its exhibits, artifacts, and guided tours. Regular hours ensure accessibility for individuals, families, and group tours.

Special Events: The Lotz House occasionally hosts special events, lectures, and educational programs related to the Civil War era. These events may have extended hours, providing additional opportunities for visitors to engage with the historical narrative.

Guided Tours: The museum’s guided tours are conducted at scheduled times throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to check the official website or contact the museum in advance to confirm tour times and availability.

Exploring the Lotz House Museum

The Lotz House Museum offers a captivating journey into the past, allowing visitors to witness the impact of the Civil War on a personal and familial level. As you explore the museum, you can expect to encounter the following highlights:

Antebellum Architecture: The Lotz House itself is a remarkable example of antebellum architecture, showcasing the elegance and craftsmanship of the mid-19th century. The house serves as a backdrop for the narratives of the Lotz family during the turbulent Civil War period.

Guided Tours: Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the rooms of the Lotz House, sharing stories of the family’s experiences, the Battle of Franklin, and the broader context of the Civil War. Guided tours offer a deeper understanding of the historical events that unfolded within these walls.

Civil War Artifacts: The museum houses a collection of Civil War artifacts, including period furniture, personal belongings, and items related to the Battle of Franklin. These artifacts provide a tangible connection to the everyday lives of those who lived through this tumultuous period.

Witness to History: The Lotz House served as a witness to the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. Visitors can explore the significance of the house during the battle, as well as the aftermath that left the property scarred but standing.

Lotz Family History: Gain insights into the Lotz family’s journey, their decision to stay in Franklin during the war, and the challenges they faced as their home became a focal point of the conflict. Learn about the resilience and endurance of ordinary citizens caught in the midst of war.

Interactive Exhibits: The museum features interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that enhance the visitor experience. These exhibits provide context, historical background, and a visual representation of the events that unfolded in and around the Lotz House.

Civil War Garden: Explore the beautifully maintained Civil War garden surrounding the Lotz House. The garden reflects the horticultural styles of the mid-19th century and serves as a peaceful oasis for reflection.

Visitor Tips and Amenities

To make the most of your visit to the Lotz House Museum, consider the following tips:

Guided Tours: Participate in the guided tours offered by the museum to fully appreciate the historical context, anecdotes, and personal stories associated with the Lotz House. Guides provide valuable insights that enhance the overall experience.

Photography: Capture the historical ambiance and architectural details of the Lotz House with photography. Check with the museum staff regarding any restrictions on flash photography or specific areas that may be off-limits for photography.

Visitor Center: Visit the Lotz House Museum Visitor Center for additional resources, including maps, brochures, and educational materials. The Visitor Center serves as an introduction to the museum experience.

Check for Events: Stay informed about any special events, lectures, or educational programs hosted by the museum. These events may provide unique perspectives on Civil War history and related topics.

Respectful Conduct: Maintain a respectful demeanor while exploring the museum, recognizing the historical significance and emotional weight of the stories shared. Be mindful of fellow visitors and the solemnity of the site.

Educational Opportunities: The Lotz House Museum offers educational programs for schools and groups. Teachers and educators can contact the museum in advance to arrange tailored tours and learning experiences for students.

Accessibility: Inquire about the accessibility features of the museum to ensure a comfortable visit for all visitors. The staff is typically accommodating and willing to assist with any specific needs.

Plan for Additional Sites: Given its proximity to other historic sites, plan to explore nearby attractions related to the Battle of Franklin, such as the Carter House and Carnton, to gain a comprehensive understanding of this pivotal moment in American history.


The Lotz House Museum, located at 1111 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, stands as a living testament to the enduring impact of the Civil War on ordinary lives. Through meticulous preservation and engaging storytelling, the museum invites visitors to step back in time and witness the struggles, resilience, and sacrifices of the Lotz family and the broader community of Franklin.

As you traverse the rooms of the Lotz House, delve into the artifacts, and absorb the narratives shared by knowledgeable guides, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of history and personal experiences. The museum serves as a vital link to the past, connecting visitors to a pivotal moment that shaped the nation.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a Civil War buff, or someone seeking a deeper understanding of America’s heritage, the Lotz House Museum offers a unique and immersive experience. Visit this historic gem in Franklin, Tennessee, and embark on a journey through time, where the echoes of the past resonate in the present.

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