Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage: A Historical Gem in Hermitage, Tennessee


Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Hermitage, Tennessee, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage stands as a testament to the life and legacy of the seventh President of the United States. This comprehensive guide invites you to explore the rich history and cultural significance of the Hermitage, providing essential details such as its full address, major cross streets, accessibility, nearby attractions within a three-mile radius, operating hours, and the captivating stories that make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Location and Accessibility

Full Address:
Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, 4580 Rachels Ln, Hermitage, TN 37076, United States

Major Cross Streets:

Rachels Lane and Lebanon Pike: Situated at the intersection of Rachels Lane and Lebanon Pike, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage enjoys a central location in Hermitage, making it easily accessible for visitors from Nashville and surrounding areas.
Freeways or Highways:

Interstate 40 (I-40): The Hermitage is conveniently located near I-40, providing a direct route for those traveling by car. Visitors can take the Old Hickory Boulevard exit and head south to reach the Hermitage.
Proximity to Nearby Attractions

Within a three-mile radius of Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, visitors can explore a variety of attractions, each contributing to the cultural and historical tapestry of the region:

Percy Priest Lake: Approximately 2 miles southeast, Percy Priest Lake offers a scenic retreat with opportunities for boating, fishing, and outdoor recreation, providing a serene contrast to the historical ambiance of the Hermitage.

Long Hunter State Park: Less than 3 miles southeast, Long Hunter State Park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and wildlife observation points, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

President James K. Polk Home and Museum: About 2 miles northwest, the President James K. Polk Home and Museum provides insight into the life and presidency of America’s 11th president.

Opening and Closing Hours

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage welcomes visitors throughout the week, allowing them to step back in time and explore the estate at their own pace. The general operational hours are as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Visitors are encouraged to check the official website or contact Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage for any changes to operating hours, special events, or holiday closures.

Historical Significance

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage holds a unique place in American history as the former home of President Andrew Jackson, often referred to as the “People’s President.” The estate encompasses a wealth of historical significance, including:

Andrew Jackson’s Residence:

The Hermitage served as Andrew Jackson’s primary residence, and the mansion stands as a well-preserved example of Greek Revival architecture. Visitors can explore the rooms where Jackson and his family lived, gaining insights into the daily life of the Jacksonian era.
Cotton Plantation:

The Hermitage was also a working cotton plantation, showcasing the agrarian lifestyle of the 19th century. The grounds feature restored outbuildings, including slave cabins and a blacksmith shop, providing a comprehensive view of antebellum Southern life.
Gardens and Grounds:

The meticulously maintained gardens and expansive grounds surrounding the mansion add to the estate’s allure. Visitors can stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens and enjoy the serenity of the pastoral surroundings.
Touring Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Mansion Tours:

Guided tours of the mansion offer visitors a glimpse into the life of Andrew Jackson and his family. Knowledgeable guides provide historical context, share anecdotes, and showcase the period furnishings that adorn the mansion.
Slave Cabin Tours:

Separate tours focus on the preserved slave cabins, shedding light on the lives of the enslaved individuals who lived and worked on the plantation. These tours offer a nuanced perspective on the complex history of the Hermitage.
Educational Programs:

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage hosts a variety of educational programs and events, including lectures, workshops, and reenactments, allowing visitors to engage with history in an immersive and educational manner.
Archaeological Site:

The Hermitage also features an ongoing archaeological project, uncovering artifacts and structures that contribute to a deeper understanding of the site’s history. Visitors may have the opportunity to witness ongoing excavations.
Visitor Tips and Amenities

To enhance your visit to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, consider the following tips:

Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, especially if planning to explore the outdoor areas and gardens.

Visitor Center: Begin your visit at the on-site visitor center, where you can obtain maps, purchase tickets, and learn about upcoming events and special exhibits.

Photography: Capture the beauty of the mansion, gardens, and grounds with your camera, but be mindful of any restrictions on flash photography inside the mansion.

Gift Shop: Explore the gift shop for souvenirs, books, and unique items related to Andrew Jackson and the history of the Hermitage.


Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage stands as a living testament to the life and times of one of America’s most influential leaders. From the grandeur of the mansion to the poignant stories embedded in the slave cabins, every corner of the Hermitage invites visitors to connect with the past.

As you explore the grounds, envision the bustling plantation life that once thrived on this estate and reflect on the complex legacy of Andrew Jackson. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a curious traveler, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage offers an enriching experience that transcends time, providing a profound connection to the cultural heritage of Tennessee and the nation as a whole.

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