Adventure Science Center

Unleashing Curiosity at Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee


Nestled at 800 Fort Negley Blvd, Nashville, TN 37203, United States, the Adventure Science Center stands as a beacon of knowledge, curiosity, and exploration. Boasting interactive exhibits, educational programs, and hands-on experiences, this science center captivates visitors of all ages. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the full address, major cross streets, accessibility, nearby attractions, operational hours, and the myriad adventures that make the Adventure Science Center a must-visit destination for science enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Location and Accessibility

Full Address:
Adventure Science Center, 800 Fort Negley Blvd, Nashville, TN 37203, United States

Major Cross Streets:

Fort Negley Blvd and Middleton St: The science center is strategically located near the intersection of Fort Negley Blvd and Middleton St, providing convenient access for visitors navigating the vibrant surroundings of Nashville.
Freeways or Highways:

Interstate 40 (I-40): The Adventure Science Center is easily accessible from Interstate 40, a major highway connecting various parts of Nashville. Visitors can take the exit onto Broadway and head south to reach the science center.
Proximity to Nearby Attractions

Within a three-mile radius, the Adventure Science Center is surrounded by a mix of cultural, recreational, and entertainment attractions. Some notable points of interest in the vicinity include:

Nissan Stadium: Located approximately 2 miles northeast, Nissan Stadium is home to the Tennessee Titans and hosts a variety of events, including concerts and sports competitions. The stadium’s iconic structure adds to the dynamic landscape of the area.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: Situated about 2.5 miles northwest, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates the rich history of country music through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. It’s a must-visit for music enthusiasts exploring Nashville’s cultural scene.

Bridgestone Arena: Approximately 3 miles northwest, Bridgestone Arena is a premier entertainment venue hosting concerts, sporting events, and performances. The arena contributes to Nashville’s reputation as a vibrant entertainment hub.

The Gulch: Located about 3 miles northwest, The Gulch is a trendy neighborhood known for its upscale dining, boutique shopping, and contemporary urban atmosphere. Visitors can explore the eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and boutiques.

Frist Art Museum: Situated approximately 2 miles north, the Frist Art Museum showcases a diverse range of visual arts exhibitions and educational programs. The museum’s striking architecture and ever-changing exhibits make it a cultural gem in the heart of Nashville.

Opening and Closing Hours

The Adventure Science Center follows a schedule designed to accommodate various programs, exhibits, and events. Key considerations regarding operational hours include:

Regular Operating Hours: The science center typically operates during standard business hours, providing visitors with ample time to explore the exhibits, engage in educational programs, and participate in interactive activities.

Special Events: The Adventure Science Center hosts special events, workshops, and themed programs throughout the year. Operational hours for these events may differ from regular programming, and visitors are encouraged to check the official website for specific details.

Seasonal Variations: Opening and closing hours may vary based on seasonal considerations, school holidays, and special occasions. Visitors planning a trip during specific seasons or holidays should check the official website for updated operational information.

Exploring the Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center offers a plethora of activities and exhibits designed to ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and foster a love for science. As you embark on your journey through this science wonderland, expect to encounter the following highlights:

Space Chase: Embark on an intergalactic adventure in the Space Chase exhibit. Explore the mysteries of outer space, learn about celestial bodies, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of astronomy.

BodyQuest: Delve into the fascinating world of the human body in the BodyQuest exhibit. Discover the intricacies of anatomy, physiology, and health through interactive displays and engaging activities.

Innovation Incubator: Unleash your creativity in the Innovation Incubator, where hands-on activities and experiments spark the imagination. This exhibit encourages visitors to explore science and technology in a dynamic and interactive environment.

Adventure Tower: Climb to new heights in the Adventure Tower, a multi-story structure offering thrilling challenges and experiences. From climbing walls to rope courses, this attraction combines physical activity with scientific exploration.

Mission: Possible: Engage in the excitement of Mission: Possible, an exhibit that immerses visitors in the world of espionage and problem-solving. Test your skills in critical thinking and teamwork as you navigate through various challenges.

Tennessee STEAM Festival: Join in the celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) during the Tennessee STEAM Festival. This annual event features a diverse array of activities, demonstrations, and workshops for all ages.

Interactive Science Demonstrations: Attend live science demonstrations conducted by knowledgeable educators and scientists. These demonstrations showcase scientific principles in action, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for visitors.

Blue Max: Experience the thrill of flight in the Blue Max flight simulator. This interactive attraction allows visitors to pilot a virtual aircraft, providing a taste of aviation and aerodynamics.

Visitor Tips and Amenities

To make the most of your visit to the Adventure Science Center, consider the following tips:

Check the Schedule: Review the schedule of interactive demonstrations, planetarium shows, and special events. Planning your visit around specific programs enhances the overall experience and ensures you don’t miss out on any highlights.

Wear Comfortable Attire: The science center’s exhibits and activities may involve physical movement and exploration. Dress comfortably, especially if you plan to participate in climbing or interactive challenges.

Visitor Services: Take advantage of visitor services, including information desks, maps, and staff assistance. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on exhibit locations, program schedules, and additional resources.

Planetarium Shows: Enhance your visit with a planetarium show. These immersive presentations offer a journey through the cosmos, providing a unique perspective on astronomy and space exploration.

Membership Benefits: Consider becoming a member of the Adventure Science Center to enjoy exclusive benefits, such as free admission, discounts on special programs, and priority access to events. Membership contributions support the center’s educational initiatives.

Café and Gift Shop: Explore the on-site café and gift shop. The café offers refreshments and snacks, while the gift shop features science-themed merchandise, educational toys, and souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

Accessibility: The Adventure Science Center is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment. Check the official website for information on accessibility features, services, and accommodations.

Educational Programs: Inquire about educational programs for schools, groups, and families. The science center offers tailored programs that align with educational standards, providing enriching experiences for students of all ages.


The Adventure Science Center invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and learning. Located at 800 Fort Negley Blvd, Nashville, TN 37203, United States, this dynamic science hub offers a diverse range of exhibits and programs that cater to a broad audience.

Whether you’re navigating the Adventure Tower, delving into the mysteries of outer space, or participating in interactive science demonstrations, the Adventure Science Center promises an engaging and educational experience for all ages. From seasoned science enthusiasts to families seeking a day of fun and learning, this Nashville landmark serves as a testament to the power of curiosity and the boundless wonders of the scientific world. Plan your visit today and let the adventure begin!

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